About Us

Our History

Eco-Soil Stabilizers is a family-owned and operated business, and we’ve been treating soil in Texas for the past decade. Today, we treat approximately 7 million sq. ft a year – and that amount is always growing, as we continue  to build relationships with clients large and small who will testify that our methods are proven, efficient and cost effective. Eco-Soil has become the go-to chemical soil stabilizer for DR Horton, Lennar, Pacesetter Homes, LGI Homes, RSI Communities, South Tex Steel Construction and many more.

Stabilizes Clay Soil

  • Engineered Specifically for Expansive Clay Soils
  • Frees Attached Water
  • Neutralizes Ability to Attract Water
  • Reduces Clay Swelling to 1” PVR
    – an approximately 80% improvement

Saves Money

  • No need for Cut & Fill
  • Prevents Structural Damage
  • Reduces Need for Future Repairs
  • Proven Long Lasting Results


  • Organic/All Natural Ingredients
  • No Heavy Metals, Chemical Dyes, Petroleum Products or Derivatives
  • FDA Approved
  • Safe for Children and Pets
  • Improves Soil Quality and Stimulates Lawn and Root Growth

“Eco-Soil Stabilizers is revolutionizing the way we build homes today! Their team is Customer Service focused and the results are a proven success!”