How It Works

The Science Behind It

Our process creates an electro-chemical reaction in the soil, pushing out the ions that cause the clay to swell, and freeing the attached water As the solution flows through the soil, the pressure of the solution fractures the clay, allowing the solution to fully penetrate. The process also permanently alters the clay soil, neutralizing its ability to attract and bind to water.

Did You Know?

Most clay soil has a potential vertical rise (PVR) of 4-8 inches. eco-soil stabilizer treatment typically reduces the PVR to 1 inch or less – an 80% improvement!

The Injection Process

Our proprietary solution is mixed with water and injected into the soil at high pressure along a predetermined grid pattern, at depths up to 15 feet, allowing the solution to fracture and fully penetrate the soil beneath the intended construction site. In most cases, one injection rig can treat an average of 7,500 sq. feet of soil per day.

The Result

The Eco-Soil Stabilizer treatment lowers the pH of the clay soil to its iso-electric, or natural state. At this lower, natural pH point, the clay stops acting as a water magnet, and releases the excess water, which separates from the soil through drainage, evaporation or soil compaction. The existing fissures then collapse, increasing the load bearing strength of the soil.

With most clay soil, there is a Potential Vertical Rise (PVR) of 4-8 inches. That means the soil beneath your foundation may rise or fall up to 8 inches with heavy rainfall or extended drought conditions
After Eco-Soil Stabilizer treatment, the PVR is typically reduced to approximately 1 inch or less – a roughly 80% improvement!

With the PVR reduced, the need to remove the clay soil and replace with select fill is not necessary. This in turn reduces construction time and costs, saving developers and builders time and money.

The “Eco” Part

Eco-Soil Stabilizers uses our own proprietary chemical solution – G3. An organic solution made up entirely of ingredients found in nature, it contains no heavy metals, chemical dyes, petroleum products or derivatives. G3 is FDA approved, 100% safe for children and pets, and has been shown to actually improve soil quality and stimulate lawn and root growth.

“Eco-Soil Stabilizers is revolutionizing the way we build homes today! Their team is Customer Service focused and the results are a proven success!”